Sweet Clover Cauldrons 4oz

Sweet Clover Cauldrons 4oz

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Scent : The scent of these bathbombs are made from a scent called sweet clover. That works perfectly with the raw honey comb soap. It has a light earthy scent while also being sweet like sugar. 

About:  Every Bathbomb is hand Made by the company SugarConeBoutique. After it’s try it becomes shrink wrapped and packaged for you ! 

Item Description: 

This listing if for only 1 Bathbomb 

These are 3 inch Bathbombs that have been hand pressed 

Because these products are handmade flaw may be visible but nothing to drastic

Weight:  around 4oz (due to being handmade the weight may vary) 

How to use:  Keep your bathbombs in a dry and Ventilated area when not in use. When ready to use take off the shrink wrap. And place into your bath water ether before you step in or when you are in it 😊


Ingredients:  Baking Soda , Citric Acid , fragrance , SLSA(This is what causes the foaming and bubbles) , Potassium Bitartrate (hardens the bath bomb) , Polysobate 80 (Helps oil set into skin and Keeps the color from not staining your tub) ,Coconut oil , Avocado Oil , Witch Hazel (binding agent) , Green Skin Safe Colorant , Gold Skin Safe Colorant 


Shipping and Handling:

Premade items take : 2-4 days to prepare for shipping. Unless it’s bought with another time that takes longer.