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Surprise Shaker Pacifier

Go to the box before check out to give little details of your favorite colors , your style and more. (For the lgbtq+ pacifier put your sexuality or gender for the design of you want just rainbow suggested that) 



Candy Theme: 

A design that looks like sugar and spice and everything nice. At SugarConeBoutique we really enjoy well candy ! This shaker pacifier theme will be full complex deco celebrating candy. 
In the box before check out let us know your favorite colors 

Rainbow Theme 

Are you a rainbow baby? Then this is the perfect pacifier for you, the shaker will even be multi color  
In the box before check out in the cart please state things you like and don’t .

Full Shield Only 

This is just a full shield pacifier that is more simple ❤️
In the box before check out in cart say your favorite colors 

Full Deco 

shhh it’s a surprise you never know what you will get. A full deco can just go crazy with the fun design.

in the box before check out in cart say your favorite colors 


About the Pacifier 

Item: This product is for the pacifier in the photo with no changes 

Size Type : Adult Pacifier 

Shield size:  6.65 cm (Width) x 4.75 cm (height) 

Pacifier Material:  Polypropylene Plastic

Pacifier Teat Material : latex free and BPA Free opaque silicone


About the Item/Disclaimers 

The shaker has been in contact with liquid latex , resin can be bendy if in extremely hot temperatures Store in an average calm temperature.

•These are hand made products so flaws may be visible  Unless stated otherwise 

• When buying this you are agreeing to have a surprise custom made. It will be a surprise when you first open it for the first time 


Shipping and Preparing 

Custom items take : 2-3 weeks to create and 1-3 days to ship.

Pay attention to the order processing link to see how your customs doing. The link is in the other section of our website