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(Preorder) Vintage Basics- Backless Midnight Blue

Preorder Info: Bodysuit will be unlimited  until April 30th when we order them. An then what is left after we order,  is all that we will have available until a restock. 
Once they are ordered on the 30th please give it up to 4 weeks for them to arrive. 

Color Name:  Midnight Blue 

Sizes: XXS-4XL

Material: Seersucker & cotton 

Type:  Fits just like any onesie but a flare at the legs like bloomers 

Style: Open back and sides with adjustable loops. 3 snaps at the bottom for comfort 


  Please Never Throw these into the dryer on heat, it could ruin how they fit or look of “newness”  Cold Dry or Air Dry only