Baby Starter Box

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Let’s make a starter! For the being of little space here’s some beginner starters 


This Box Includes 

1 Onesie

(From ours) 

1 Bib 

(our shop or from others) 

2 Diapers our custom 

*leave a note at check out if you want our custom diapers instead*

1 Full Deco Pacifier 

1 Plain Deco 

1 Sippy cup 

1 Pacifier Tag Blanket 

1 Coloring book and crayons 

This box is worth $102 

Order Processing 

This is a premade so we will ship it in 1-3 days after purchasing if you want custom diapers, leave a message at the box at check out 

And then the box will take 1 week to be shipped 

Expected 1-2 days to ship just Incase of weekends