Baby Girl Box

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Hey Each variant  of the box gets bigger and bigger. 
An better items per box 


Small Includes : 

1 Plain Decorated Pacifier 

(^ Simple outlines ) 

1 Pacifier clip

(2-3) Mystery goodies 

 Medium  includes : 

1 Normal Deco Pacifier 

(^full shield but simple ) 

1 Pacifier Clip

1 Bottle or Sippy cup

(3-5) Surprises

large  includes : 

1 Fully decorated Pacifier

(full shield, and handle + more)

2 Pacifier Clips 

(1-2) Sippy cups of bottles 

(4-7) surprise goodies 


Shipping: All Shipping is free, It takes 1-1.5 weeks to finish and ship your mystery box.