Shipping FAQ’s

Shipping FAQ 

  • When Will My Order Be Shipped ? 
    All Orders are processed to shipping within 2-5 business days of being purchased 
  • What Does “Awaiting Item” mean at USPS? This means that your order was created and picked up with usps , but usps has not scanned it yet,  (please wait 2-3 days for there initial scan while they process packages in tranist) 
  • Why Does it Take 2-5 Days to ship my order ?  This shop is only run by 1 person, as much as I would love to have fast same day shipping,  it isn’t possible . SCB is always greatful for your patience I ship items as fast as I possibly can :) 
  • When Will my UPS Order Ship? 
    Normally every Saturdays  ! We live over 1hr + from the nearest best drop off Facilities so we like to bring orders in all at once 
  • Do You Ship Internationally ? 

    Absolutely! SCB Ships Worldwide unless we mark otherwise on our front page of important updates 
  • Is my Packaged Insured? 

    (Starting November 5th 2021) All Packages are insured 100% by us for free. Meaning if by any means the shipping companies. Damage or lose an item we can file a claim ! An afford to get a replacement / solution to you right away!! 

  • What happens when you open a insurance claim on my order? 
    Insurance claims are open when a package is lost or damaged. If you messaged up within the 3 months time frame from ordering. The we can do this option. Insurance claims can take up to Weeks or Months for a response with a shipping service please be patient. They help refund a damage/lost order or find a missing one 
  • Can You Ship Discreetly ? 
    Yes , Please leave a message at checkout and we will place a persons name instead of the shops name for the label! , All Packages are brand name free 
  • My Order isn’t tracking ? 
    1. Wait up 5 business days to see movement just incase the shipping carrier is slower 2. Contact us ! We will then try to contact the carrier to find a solution to your package an if there is a way to find out what’s happening. 
    Please understand once we ship your item we have completely No control over it. So all we have is the information from the shipping company 
  • I Can’t Find My Tracking Number?            
     If you can not locate your tracking confirmation please go to your original order confirmation and select “view order”. Once tracking is updated it will automatically show your tracking number and it’s progress. 
    • You can also login to your customer account on the website if you made one and find your recent order there ! 
  • What If my package says delivered but I never received it ? 

    The Best Thing I can recommend is to contact your local post office, an have your tracking number on hand. If they can not offer any help then sadly your package has been lost/misplaced by the post office. We have no control over the delivery of your package, we can help by filling a claim however if the claim isn’t resolved by them. We can not send replacements/refunds for lost or stolen items 
  • What if my order is stolen? 

    SCB is not responsible for stolen packages, please contact your local police department if you suspect someone is stealing from your property. We can not offer refunds or replacements for stolen items