General Info 

  • Is this shop Adult Baby/Kink Owned ? 
    Yes ! Myself and the scb team. Are part of the online kink community. An are always interested in what others want to see in the shop! 

  • How old do I have to be to purchase? 
    18 and older !
    This shop is a 18+ shop. Meaning I don’t support minors purchasing the shops products or interacting with SCB on social media pages. This is a kink shop, I want to keep minors safe by keeping them out of the kink community. 

  • What are the shops contact hours  ? 
    Monday - Friday 10am - 5pm MST     Saturday / Sunday - Closed 


  • How can I become a promoter ? 
    Look out for promoter searches that I open monthly ! 

  • I Didn’t get a response to my email is something wrong ? 
    The first thing I ask is please make sure your sending to the right place using the website “contact us”.   Second: Please wait up to 2-3 business days to wait for a response I am only 1 person running the shop. 
    Saturdays and Sunday’s SCB is closed 


  • Do you have discreet packaging ? 
    Yes all of SCB  packages come in a plain Non branded packaging.  
    International Labels Do Say What the Item is so if you need complete discreet, Leave "Discreet Shipping" at checkout.

  • I Can’t Find My Tracking ? 
    If you can’t find your tracking conformation. You can go back to your original order receipt and select “view order” that will take you to the website to see the movement on your package. Also go to the listing of the product to see when it will ship, as that’s helpful on knowing ! 

  • How Long Will It Take For My Package? 
    This depends on what you have ordered. If your item is finished and already made, it takes 3-5 days for to prepare the product for shippments. I am only 1 person and theirs only so much I can do in a day. The rest is on the tracking you have selected, However I would give the post office a few days to scan the package before you message us. I print labels out a day before we drop them off. 
  • What Tracking will I get for FREE Shipping? 
    For USA , the the products are small and under 10 oz it will be First Class. Anything bigger will be shipped in priority. 

    For International orders First Class USPS shipping will be chosen, which can take 15-27 Days to deliver depending on where you are. 

  • What if I put the wrong address ? 
    Sugarconeboutique, is not responsible if checking that everyone’s addresses are correct. However if you believe you placed the wrong address email us ASAP, so i can change it for you 


  • Why Does it take up to 3-5 days to ship my order? 
    I try to ship orders out 2 times a week, when it’s mainly just 1 person packaging orders at a time. I am constantly trying and pushing to improve the shipping times however, Please understand to be patient.


  • Do You sell internationally ? 
    Yes!, if I see do  a problem with your order i will contact you right away 

Return Policy & Refunds

  • Do you allow Returns for products ? 
    No, Due to the Nature of this shop, All of our products are Final Sale. No refunds, Returns or Exchanges 
    If you have a problem with your order please go to the “Contact Us” here on the website. You have 3 days after a product is marked as delivered to state a problem
  • We No Longer can accept exchanges due to COVID 19 Shipping issues with getting more products from manufacturers, It also goes against items being sanitary.  



  •  I Received a item and it’s defective/broken 
    You have 3 days after a item has been marked as delivered from the postal service. To email us about a broken or defective product. We will be happy to replace a product if we can or send store credit 
  • Do You Allow Refunds ? 
  • Only for purchases that are lost and have had shipping insurance with their order. YOU Can Order Shipping Insurance in every section. We then open an insurance claim, within the appropriate time span. If you message us months later instead of letting us know right away on your order. Then theirs nothing we can do to open a claim. 

About the Products 

  • What fabric are your clothing ? 
    The main one we use is a 95% Cotton and 5% Spandex Blend, brushed with milk silk. 
    Our Older Style was Milk Silk 95% Polyester and 5% Spandex Blend. If you don’t know what fabric is used, you can always look at the products description 

  • I wear ____ Brand for bloomers is it the same as your bloomers ? 
    No, every brand is different when it comes to bloomers and we ask to never compare brands. Our bloomers are extremely stretchy and are made to sit above the belly button on the waist. If you can decide between 2 types of bloomers, the most important thing to look at is the length. Take a measuring tape or something that can measure length. Start at your waist an go down to how long the length measurement says to go. If you think it’s to long to with the smaller size. And vice versa. 

  • I have a allergy to _____ is that in the lip gloss ? 
    Please look at our product description for what’s in our lip glosses or body products. Also if it’s in the name of the product that your allergic to then I suggest to you stay away from it. 

  • Will you even bring _____ Back in stock? 
    I suggest to stay active on our Instagram @sugarconeboutique . We constantly talk about new products and do a lot of story questions to see if we will bring something back or new products. 

  • Do you do Wholesale? 
    yes, go to our “wholesale” on our website or our “contact us”. We wholesale our clothing, and products through out the shop