Clothing Care

✨ Clothing Care ✨

All Fabrics in the shop have gone through clothing care tests. Each one has been washed over 20+ times in different ways to give you the best outcome on how to keep your clothing pristine for longer. 

❤️Our Cotton Blend (polyester & spandex) ❤️  : 

At SCB our cotton blended onesies, are specially made to still give a stretchable and  breathable fabric but to also feel soft and comfortable. As that is being said our fabric is more delicate the other fabrics. Through trial and error we have tested bodysuits and bloomers through multiple tests and here is the perfect care

  • Do Not Use Bleach or Harsh / High Alkaline Detergents, This can cause damage to the fabric or take off the protective coating of the metal snaps causing them to rust over time. 
    • ^To get rid of rust stains use salt and lemon or use hydrogen peroxide with baking powder 
  • Only Spot Clean with OxyClean. OxyClean is a strong agent and using to much can damage/dry out our special cotton blend 
  • To get rid of food stains use a small amount of OxyClean or Vinegar and baking soda 
  • Turn Bodysuits inside out before washing 
  • Cold Wash Only! 
  • Dry on a extremely low setting or hang dry is best ! 
  • To prevent color damage, please wash bold colors with similar colors (Whites with whites, Hot Pink with Bold Colors)              We Highly suggest using “color catcher” in all wash loads to keep bold colors looking new ! 

  🌈 100% Organic Cotton 🌈

  •  Cold Wash Only ! 
  • To prevent the fabric from shrinking reshape the fabric while wet or Hang Dry 
  • Remove this fabric right away after being washed to prevent wrinkles or creases 
  • Iron only at medium temperatures 
  • normal or mild detergents as this is organic cotton so it hasn’t been chemically processed 

    💕 SeerSucker & Bamboo Fabric 💕

(Do Not Iron ) 

• Low intensive wash (wash bags are kind to fabric) 

• Air Dry & Cold dry is the best 

• Cut off lose strings or busniess tag do not pull 

• Clothing Steamer Works Better to smooth  wrinkles 

• Normal and mild detergent only