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About SCB

SugarConeBoutique was founded in July 2019. 
Originally this shop was non community, until I learned more about the kink community, laws and rules of selling the products. An made sure it was known to be KINK ONLY. 

This Shop was Started, to create comfort for the little space community and a bit of childhood nostalgia. Here you can find the home of embroidery pacifiers and the forest child collection. 

About the Owner: 

Hello, My name is Charlie and I’m the owner of SugarConeBoutique. I run this shop mainly by myself, I wake up every morning to start working and end most nights finishing at 3am.

I’m African American/Italian, I do get a lot of questions on my identity and to clear things up I’m Androgynous my pronouns they are He/They. (Trans-Non-binary) 
The main thing about me, an why I have so much passion for this shop is that I’m Autistic. 
I spend all of my days and time, researching, building and creating my shop. As it’s my deep  interest and passion. 

Where to find me ? 
You can Actually find me on Instagram under @diariesofatoddler !