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(Made to Order) Vintage Bears

(Made to Order) Vintage Bears

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Elastic Legs with Metal Trims Or Trim  Legs with plastic snaps 

^Please let us know at checkout if you want trim legs 

Made with a higher grade fabric 
Color: Pink Trim 

Sizes : XXS - 5XL

Fabric : Cotton & Spandex 

Fit: Extremely Stretchy  Fabric, has room for people who are tall and busty. 


Made to order details 

•Made to order products are just like customs however everything is figured out for you. 

August ordering details 

The last day to order in August is August 30th as that is when we start production

• Expect the product to ship to you by September 30th - October 7th 


September Ordering Details

•If you order by September 1 - 13 expect the product to ship to you by October 22nd - 24th  

•If you order by September 14-26th expect the product to ship to you by November 1st - 11th 

 All Sales are final 


Process Of Ordering 

Once the product is ordered we send this off to our printing company were they print the fabric. An pre cut out the product. The product is then put together an set to SCB team were we finish off the rest including sewing, steaming and adding on snaps. 
This can take up to 4-5 weeks if there’s no delay once the product is finished we prep and package the item then send it out to you! 


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