Please read all info as most questions are answered 

General Info 

  • Is this shop a safe place ?
    This Shop is owned by a Black , LGBT+ , Autistic & Disabled Adult Who Is in the kink community and also works as a sex worker ! Everyone is welcomed here as long as you are kind and of age. This shop does not discriminate anyone of race, gender, size , religion, sexuality, Job or disability. 
  • How old do I have to be to purchase? 
    18 and older !
    Our items are not intended/created  for children. SCB is open for adults only as they are adult materials.
  • What are the shops contact hours  ? 
    Monday - Friday 10am - 5pm MST     Saturday / Sunday - Closed 

        How can I become a promoter ? 

     Look out for promoter searches open yearly ! 


  • I Didn’t get a response to my email is something wrong ? 
    1. Make sure you are only contacting scb by the “contact us” on the website. 2. Please wait up to 3-4 days for a response as this shop is only run by 1 person 3. Feel free to kindly contact again just incase there is any technical glitch 


About the Products 

  • What fabric are your clothing ? 
    The main one we use is a 95% Cotton and 5% Spandex Blend,
    However we may have seersucker or cotton. If you don’t know what fabric is used, you can always look at the products description 
  • Will Your Clothing Fit me? 
    At SCB we try our best to create items for all! We give a brief description on all clothing on how it will fit on body types.Please read descriptions carefully as we describe a descriptive way on how they fit.  Different styles come out year round. 

  • Are You Size Inclusive ? 
    Hell Yes ! We highly promote sizing for all, as our clothing ranges from XXS-5XL. This is also a plus size owned shop and clothing is tested before sold.
    All of our clothing is also available for “tailor-zing” meaning for only $10 extra we get items specially made just for your size measurements and body type. Just message us for more information or go to our “customs” section to order 
  • I wear ____ Brand for bloomers is it the same as your bloomers ? 
    No, every brand is different when it comes to bloomers and we ask to never compare brands. Our bloomers are extremely stretchy and are made to sit above the belly button on the waist. If you can decide between 2 types of bloomers, the most important thing to look at is the length. Take a measuring tape or something that can measure length. Start at your waist an go down to how long the length measurement says to go. If you think it’s to long to with the smaller size. And vice versa. 

  • I have a allergy to _____ is that in the lip gloss ? 
    Please look at our product description for what’s in our lip glosses or body products. Also if it’s in the name of the product that your allergic to then I suggest to you stay away from it. 

  • Will you even bring _____ Back in stock? 
    I suggest to stay active on our Instagram @sugarconeboutique . We constantly talk about new products and do a lot of story questions to see if we will bring something back or new products.