Mystery Box Benefits and What’s in them!.

Mystery Box Benefits and What’s in them!.

Hi Everyone, I’m Charlie the owner of SugarConeBoutique.
An I’m here to talk about our Mystery Boxes. We have over 9 different boxes, from gender types , onesie boxes , witchcraft and more 

What are Mystery boxes ? 

Well Mystery Boxes from our shops are little gold minds of Mysteries from toys, deco pacifiers and more. In the description of each mystery box, we talk about what item goes into each type or size. Items that you will expect however the color, design and style is a complete mystery. Mystery boxes are a fun way of getting a surprise, or giving a gift. We have had many people order one box many times over and over again. Every month we change the items of each box completely and every size box is different items in them. 

Why the different size boxes ? 
We Create a box size type for every littles different needs/wants. Also decent price ranges for littles on a budget. Each box gets bigger and bigger , the items in them also increase in value in every box!. 

Are SCB Boxes Worth to get ? What are the Benefits? 

Let’s talk about that!
All of our mystery boxes are worth more then you spend ! For example our Baby Starter Box  is worth $102+ but you will only pay $70. How do we come up with $102+ dollars?!. Well let’s break it down. 
The first item in the box(which states in the description) is 1 Onesie from us or from little for big. If it’s from us then that’s $28-$31 dollars. The next item is 1 bib from our shop or others. A normal price range for a adult baby bib is $12-$14 dollars on its own. Another item on the list is 2 Rearz diapers, from every place online buying 2 Rearz Diapers cost $10-$15 Dollars. 
The next 2 items on that list is 1 Full deco Pacifier and 1 pain Pacifier. A full deco on a shop is between $21-$25 dollars and a Pain Pacifier is through $5-$7 dollars. Now let’s go through the last 4 items on the list. 
2 clear teats cost of bought separately $8-$9. 1 Pacifier tag blanket in my shop cost $13-16. And lastly 1 Coloring book and Crayons cost $2. 

When adding all of the cost up, buying them Separately will cost $100 - $119 Dollars not even adding in the tax and or shipping. 

Are the Mystery Surprise Toys all from the dollar store? Where are they from? 

The Mystery toys we place in boxes are not all from the dollar store. In the small and medium their are about 1 or 2. But most of the times we put them in their for free!.

All of our items come from many different places, and many of the items we have are brand new! to stores. Many companies and big chain stores over buy toys. When that happens they send them off to small places then when they sit 60% of the time. they go to sit in a landfill adding to the pollution of our planet .We have found many people and places to get items before the items get sent to landfills . We have even bought pallets of toys before they were shipped off to be destroyed.

Also the items we don’t end up using or have to much of, we give to children in need and donate them to babies and children. 

For example of our boxes and the value we we place in then. We have once made a box with, a Baby Alive doll , New Barbie doll, Calico Critters family set, a tea baby toys set, Crayola bath toys set , a unicorn rattle and a soft kitty blanket all for just one Baby girl Luxury box for its surprise toys. That’s not even all the items that- come in a Luxury baby girl box. If that person bought all of those items from a store it would cost them, $78 before tax for just the surprise items! When our box itself only cost $75. And theirs still more items inside that box including a shaker pacifier that we normally sell for $40 

The items that we get for our boxes help save these over stocked toys and supplies  before they get trashed to add to pollution. Even most of our fabric comes from places that sell overstocked and over made fabric prints before they get sent to landfills to!

In Conclusion, We love making items for all of you. We enjoy making these boxes. I personally loves seeing or reading your excitement over these boxes. These boxes are not only making us grow as a business, but they are also saving you guys money and helping out to add to your little space,  play time and collection. If you would like to purchase a box go to our website under Toys,Kits & Boxes.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog, have a great day or night! My little sugarcone babies 😌🍦🍼


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