Where’s My Tracking Information?

Every order receives a tracking notification once’s shipped, through the email used for the order. However if you can not find it go to your original order conformation and select “view order” Domestic Shipping will receive updates way faster then International. It might take until the order is out if USA to show more detailed information. 
If you still need help feel free to ask 

Do you take Snail Mail? 

We normal do allow snail mail in cash only however it’s closed due to the pandemic 

Do you sell wholesale for your products?

Yes we do ! , you can find that under our help section “wholesale” in main menu or at the bottom of our website. Email Us to hear more on how you can get gems, shakers and planars 

Do you have a age restriction?

Yes!, we are a 18+ shop and we highly do not recommend minors on our site or purchasing items from our site. Please wait till you are 18 and older 

When’s your next Release?

We try to have a Scheduled Release every Saturday at 3pm MST. However we tend to be very busy and might miss a week every now and then 

When will my order ship out? 
Already Made orders take anywhere from 2-4 days due to the pandemic. 
If your order is a custom or made to order please read the description of that product.

How can I get a custom made ? 
We open customs for diapers, clothing and pacifiers every month. So keep a look out for the limited slots for custom made products 


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